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Exhibition 200 Years of Szczawnica Spa

Exhibition 200 Years of Szczawnica Spa

  • Galeria Pijalni Wód Mineralnych
  • 3-5 pln za osobę
  • 15.05-15.10 Date
  • 9-17 Time
"Our whole GREAT HISTORY consists of small histories of regions, villages and people living in them. In order to present the history of our Szczawnica, its history against a background of historical changes, customs and traditions, we have created a small "SPA MUSEUM". By collecting tradition and culture goods and organizing permanent and temporary exhibitions we want to enable the inhabitants of Szczawnica, patients and guests to get to know the rich history of Szczawnica health resort." Andrzej Mankowski, "Awit Szubert - Szczawnica's Atelier" The exhibition is a permanent exhibition.
We invite you to the Mineral Water Gallery located just above the Mineral Water Pump Room Dietla Square 7, Szczawnica Szczawnica is a tourist town in the south of Poland, where one of the most popular spas of the country is located. Already in the 16th century the healing springs located here were known. The first visitors came for treatment to the waters in the 1880s. The first document mentioning the existing spa infrastructure dates back to 1811. From this moment one can speak about Szczawnica Spa. At the end of the 1820s the Szczawnica property was acquired by Józefina and Stefan Szalay, both of Hungarian origin. Their son, Józef Stefan laid foundations for further functioning of the Spa. During his times the springs were regulated and conditions were created for the development of therapeutic tourism. After Joseph Szalay's death, the resort was taken over by Krakow's Academy of Arts and Sciences under his will. It was a stage of stagnation and stagnation in the development of the town. In 1909 the grounds together with the spa were bought by Count Adam Stadnicki. His activity is the greatest prosperity of this place. At that time the resort again became a place where guests from all over the world came for treatment and socializing. After World War II, in 1948, Szczawnica Spa was nationalized. It was not until 2005 that descendants of the Stadnicki family regained their former ownership. In connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the health resort in Szczawnica we are proud to present you with an exhibition in the building of the Spa Museum which shows the history of the town. You can see many interesting exhibits that are connected with the 19th and 20th century treatments. We managed to gather valuable collections of curative treatments. Next to the display cases and monuments we put a lot of interesting information about the health resort Szczawnica. You are cordially invited!
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