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Today 28 May overcast clouds
22 °C Temperature
21 °C Sensed temperature
04:40 Sunrise
20:30 The sunset
11.6 km / h Wind
Spring - rainy
Spring - sunshine
Spring - clouds
Spring Storm

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In rainy spring weather it is worth taking the opportunity to go to the most famous cafe in Szczawnica - Cafe Helenka located at hisoric, charming Dietl Square. Inside Café Helenka, you can feel cosy and safe while observing rainy Szczawnica from behind the window. In Cafe Helenka we especially recommend meringue Pavlova - which is absolutely insane here! Aromatic coffees and teas will make the rainy weather pleasant, and for adults we recommend a glass of wine Cuvee Szczawnica, which can be enjoyed endlessly.
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather it is worth going for a walk around Szczawnica and visiting the Spa Parks. If you decide to walk in the Upper Park, be sure to visit Dietel Square - the historic heart of the health resort, where the Pump Room is located. Entering the Pump Room you should appreciate the beautiful architecture of the building and its interior. However, the most important are the waters - Szczawy (from which the name of our resort comes) - there are as many as 6 of them - ask here for the water that cures your ailments - it's a natural way to support the immunity of your body. Cheers!
If cloudy weather does not encourage walks and outdoor activities, an excellent alternative will be a visit to an interesting place. The Szczawnica Spa Museum located on Dietl Square is a unique place. The exhibition presents the rich history of Szczawnica and 200 years of Spa tradition. The museum also has an art gallery where you will see local art - the exhibitions are variable. After a visit to the museum, it's worth dropping in next door at Cafe Helenka for an aromatic coffee and a delicious dessert.
Spring storms can be very violent. Therefore, we do not recommend going to the mountains during such weather. We recommend visiting excellent restaurants such as Jazz Bar located in the Guest House building. This restaurant has a very cozy, club character. You will find there dishes different from the others - the Chef surprises the guests with innovative tastes. We especially recommend burgers, including Pieniny Burger - with a regional character. Here you can listen to soft jazz music, drink unique beverages - a perfect place to wait out the storm.


Zima w Pieninach

Zima w Pieninach jest wyjątkowo malownicza. Z przyjaznych górskich szlaków widać piękną panoramę zaśnieżonych Tatr, a warunki na stokach sprzyjają białemu szaleństwu. W samej Szczawnicy znajduje się stok narciarski Palenica wraz z trasą Szafranówka, a w niedalekiej odległości od Szczawnicy stoki Jaworki (5km od Szczawnicy) i kompleks narciarski Kluszkowce (15km od Szczawnicy). Pieniny zapraszają także do zimowych pieszych wędrówek, spacerów po urokliwych parkach zdrojowych, a także do szaleństwa na sankach, czy zimowych kuligach konnych.

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