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Winter sleigh rides

Winter sleigh rides

Kulig is one or several horse-drawn carriages with attached sleighs in the form of a procession. It is a kind of entertainment organized in the last week of the carnival, often accompanied by music, singing and parties around a bonfire. In the evening, the sleigh ride is often illuminated by torches.
From the sixteenth century to the early twentieth century, sleigh rides were a very popular entertainment for both the magnates and the middle part of the nobility, for whom they were a patriotic celebration, after the partitions of Poland organized in spite of the partitioners as a cultivation of Polish national tradition. At the head of sleigh ride there was a leader, traditionally called Arlekin, whose task was to plan the route of sleigh ride in such a way to unite feuding noble families in case of joint military action against the invaders. Such sleigh ride could last even several days. Today in Szczawnica, you have the opportunity to relive the splendor of the sleigh rides of yesteryear, where a highland guide will tell you an amazing forgotten part of the history of Szczawnica. The mountaineers from Szczawnica will give you the opportunity to travel by sleigh on the white down, surrounded by picturesque Pieniny landscapes delighting you with unusual impressions. Such a winter adventure can be experienced with the Horse Stables Rajd in Jaworki, where sitting in a 4-person sleigh equipped with warm sheepskin you can admire the surrounding nature. In the evening, creating an amazing atmosphere by the light of a torch with mulled wine in hand with music in the background, you can feel the old customs creating unforgettable moments. Complementing the highland experience is the end of the sleigh ride with a barbecue and highland music.
    location Jaworki Horse Stables
    Time 9-16
    price from 60 pln
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