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J. Szalay Pieniny Museum

J. Szalay Pieniny Museum

The Józef Szalay Pieniny Museum is located in Szlachtowa, not far from Szczawnica. The museum's collections include exhibits related to the history of Szczawnica, the life of the Pieniny highlanders and ethnographic collections and exhibits related to the life of the founder of Szczawnica Spa, Józef Szalay.
The Józef Szalay Pieniny Museum is located in the building of the former border guardhouse in Szlachtowa near Szczawnica. The exposition leads visitors along the trail of the past of the Pieniny region. We meet those who lived here for centuries before the health resort in Szczawnica was established. We learn what the Dunajec River and mountain pastures meant to them. We will hear why they had to leave their homes and lands. We start our walk by the Dunajec Gallery - the river that connects the Pieniny towns: Czorsztyn, Sromowce, Szczawnica and Kroscienko, becoming part of their history. The natural heritage of the Pieniny region is intertwined with the cultural heritage. We enter the Pieniny microcosmos - a borderland of cultures, religions and nationalities. We enter the 13th century, the times of erecting defensive castles in the Pieniny and the founding of settlements by St Kinga, we continue our journey in time, looking into temples of various denominations and local houses. We meet the inhabitants of Pieniny villages who were united by a common shepherding economy, similar buildings, and folk costumes. We learn about their characteristic occupations - rafting in the case of the Highlanders and knitting in the case of the Ruthenians. The route continues through the resort in Szczawnica and leads us to modern times. You can learn about the therapeutic methods used in the nineteenth-century spa, discover the charm of the old Szczawnica open air and interiors. You will meet the spa guests, many of whom came from the aristocratic, scientific, literary, and artistic elites, which was extremely important for the development of culture in the region. We end our trip on the banks of the Dunajec River, on the old Pienińska Road - a favorite place for Szczawnica guests to stroll.
    location Szlachtowa
    Time Tue-Sun 9am-5pm
    price from 6 pln
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