For me, Szczawnica has always been a magic word, invoking the visions of the beauty of the mountains around, the healing properties of the spring waters, the stunning nature of this little piece of land.

In 1909, my grandfather Adam Stadnicki, bought the thermal Spa city Uzdrowisko Szczawnica. In his eyes, the 19th century spa required renovation, modernisation. It also needed to be made more attractive for visitors. He worked hard, investing a lot of energy and introducing many new ideas to improve the city infrastructure. One of his accomplishments had been the construction of a nice hotel that he presented to his daughter and her husband, Stefan Swieżawski, a well known professor of theology.

In 1938, the hotel opened for the first time and was given the name of Modrzewie (“Under the Larches” in Polish) to remind guests of the larch trees the hotel is surrounded with.
The place enjoyed great popularity with visitors and guests until the tough period of the World War II. After the war, taken over by the State, it was turned into a sanatorium and continued to provide services to its various customers coming to relax and benefit from the healing properties of the spring waters.

50 years had passed by before the family could recover the old and dented building.
To keep up the tradition, we have bought this house, full of history and memorabilia from our family and, with lots of love and enthusiasm, we set out to renovate it. To bring this new concept into light, our 3 children, Christophe, Nicolas and Helena have put their skills, their energy, and their hearts into this project in a successful attempt to integrate latest technologies, noble materials, and a modern design in this building in the architectonic style of the 1930’s in a warm way, respectful of the family’s soul.

Our intention is to create a timeless atmosphere of comfort and pleasure for those who, like us, seek to take from Szczawnica nice memories, seek to spend happy moments with their families, friends, or who simply come here to find a quiet working space.

We would like to share all this with you when you come to stay at the Modrzewie Park Hotel.

Andre Mankowski

Park Górny 2, 34-460 Szczawnica

+48 18 540 04 04


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